Last Minute Trip to The Mayan Riviera


When we saw cheap tickets and Hannah had been scheduled a week off work, Hannah and I both knew we had to take full advantage.  It wasn't a trip we planned out for weeks, Quickly booking our airfare and our hotel only hours before we would depart, the night we left was full of excitement.  While packing we both realized it was coming up around 18 months since we both left the country.  It wasn't just a trip, but more of a much needed vacation.


Driving up to LA in the middle of the night we eased our way through the airport protocol and found our sleeping positions on the plane without delay.  

Since we left in the top of the morning, we plan to arrive no later than 4pm.  As we began our decent, we flew over what seemed to be an endless sea of jungle until finally we came near the bright blue coastline.   As soon as we stepped off the airplane we were consumed by the thick, humid, warm tropical air .

Our hotel was incredible.  It was nicer than we were expecting and catered to the younger traveler which helped keep a calming vibe at the pool and beach.  The food was amaxing but I don't think I ever ordered anything but the ceviche.  

The first morning we woke up and had breakfast on the sand.  After a long swim and snorkel we decided to get motor scooters from the middle of town and cruise the open road.  On our run there a huge rain storm came over head and we ran to take shelter in the nearest bar.  A few margaritas later and it had stopped raining.  We were ready to cruise.  We picked up 2 so my brother Sean would have one with his friend Alicia when they arrived. 


The diving in Cozumel is what it's all about.  Almost everywhere in the world won't allow non certified divers to dive off the boats but Mexico is a very special place.  The girls were able to embark on their first open water dice with zero experience and they loved every minute.   

There is something about the water in Cozumel that is unlike anywhere in the world.  A certain vibrant blue that radiats from the surface.  I personally can't stare at it long enough.  The water in front of our hotel was incredible.  A descending sandbar with a few shallow reefs.  The perfect location for me and my muse.

No matter how many times I visit the yucataan I never want to leave.  I think we ended up planning our next trip back on the flight home. 

Breton CarassoComment