Sailing to the Channel Islands

Last summer Hannah's friends came to visit San Diego and we planned a sailing trip for the beginning of winter.  Leland captains boats professionally and was confident he would be able to charter a boat. Niether Hannah or I had ever been on a sailboat for multiple days and stayed over at an island so needless to say we were full of excitement.

We arrived at our vessel in the middle of the night on Friday October 12th. Meeting Chaz and Julie, along with being introduced to the boat Olivia had us gitty for the trip ahead.  Both of them were super welcoming and we knew we'd be friends almost instantly.   

First thing that next morning, before the sun was up, we left the dock and began motoring out to the Channel Islands.  we slowly pierced the dense fog as we slowly made our way out to the mysterious channel.


Soon the sun had burned off the fog and a little wind came up and gave us the opportunity to set sail.   

Reaching the south side of the island the wind dies down and the ocean goes flat.  We took out a foam surfboard and rode behind the boat as we motored to our cove.

The cove was so great.  The water was crystal clear and you could see the bottom of 30ft  from the boat.  Building comfortablity in the water out there took me sometime, but eventually I felt right at home.  We swam off the boat to the reef on one side of the cove and had an amazing session playing with the light rays and clear water.

We hiked, we cooked, we drank, danced, ate, laughed, spear fished, and explored.  

On the way home we sailed with a pack of dolphins.  Definitely had a few moments of wanting to just stay on the boat and continue sailing.  Can't wait to go out with Chaz again!