Mexico & Huntington with the Mad Hue

Working with the Mad Hueys is like hanging with a gang of brothers out for nothing but a good time.  No matter if there are waves or not, these guys can have fun no matter where they are.  In this case we went down to Rosorito and had a hell time.  Surf was flat so we explored the taco scene.  


We went out one morning on a deep sea fishing trip.  It was my first so I didn't know what exaclty to expect but I thought for sure we would be going to catch a few tuna that had been so prolific all summer.  Instead we strangely only went an hour off shore and fished for live bait and small red snapper.  So small they wouldn't be legal in the US.   

After a while everyone got over fishing but still managed to laugh the entire way home. 


by the 4th day in town the group was feeling spent and the idea of more tacos was sickening.  Our refuge? North about 30 miles in San Diego.  The only thing sitting between us and U.S. soil was a station full of officers and a 4 hour wait at the boarder.   

After getting lost on the way to the crossing we finally ended up in the sentry line.  We quickly made it the officer and then were told to go into a secondary inspection.  This took longer than the normal line and had us sitting in our van with no fan for hours.  It didn't everyone from laughing.  Then an officer came as asked us a few questions about our time in Mexico and gave us our passports while explaining we were free to go.  Once all in the van everyone broke out into an excited roar and slapped hands.  We were back in America!

Breton CarassoComment