S-log & Sony fs700 4k

Part of the reason I purchased the Sony fs700 and the odyssey 7q+ was to have the ability to shoot 4k RAW and with that have access to the color correcting options available.   Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to import my .DNG footage properly and haven't been able to utilize that option just yet.  However the 7q+ does allow you to shoot 4k into Apple Pro Res 422 and makes it where you can edit your 4k straight from your camera.  Plus Convergent Designs is coming out with a firmware update that will allow the 7q+ to record 2k RAW 240fps and 4k RAW 120fps.  Looking forward to seeing what that looks like since the 1080p 120fps is impressive enough.  First thing is first.  I need to import my .dng files into resolve as an entire clip rather than a folder of 1 frame long clips.  This is what comes with growing technology and new equipment.  It's a learning process and it requires time and effort.  Im sure once I figure it out I will think it is easy but for now I'm puzzled.