Brenno & Melling

Always a good time hanging with these guys.  A generous man named Mike let them stay over at his place which was an amazing beach front house with a pingpong table in the middle.  Being that Brenno and Melling are both there for a competition, the ping pong games were the main event.  Mike also had these perfect bike setups for riding down to trestles with boards.  We had a good time and tried to get a few waves,

The surf was small but they both rip in any condition and I wanted to test a few different settings with the Sony Fs700 and the Odyssey 7q+.  This was a lot of testing to see the difference in resolutions, frame rates, and color grading tools while shooting in different light and shutter speeds.

I shot this at the following settings: 4k24pRAW>HDProres24p, 2k120pRAW>HDProres24p, & 1080p240fps ACVHD, at different shutter speeds and light meter readings to see what would look best in post.  

What I found was shooting with more light is better than less.  High f stops only make for less crisp footage, you can still get a good depth with stops under 11.0 so if you can find and keep your focus try to shoot lower f stops.  Don't use a polarizer unless you're shooting into the sun, it can dilute your colors.  

This is Brent Dorrington and Adam Melling surfing around San Clemente.