Japan: Hakuba

Went to Japan to snowboard and hang with a new crew! Flew from LA to Tokyo on a $875 ticket I bought the day of at the airport outside teller.  


Landed in tokyo and got a $200 cab to a pod hotel to meet the ski week.  From there went to dinner and a club where I met a local DJ.   

KatsuyaEveverywhere invited us into his home and shared some of tokyos finest with us.  After a drink he looked at Hollis and I and  asked:

"do you want to see the real Tokyo!?" 

to which we replied: 

"hell yeahhhh!!" 

and our first real night in Japan had begun.


Tokyo's population is over 26million people over twice the next largest city, Mexico City, 13 million yet when you walk around the city is silent.  


KatsuyaEverywhere played bass in an Irish jig bad as well as being a DJ. He's Japanese but lived around the states and now is married to a famous r&b singer and they stay in Tokyo.  


As we walked out of his apartment we went directly to the front of a line at the club around the corner and went past security behind KatsuyaEveverywhere.  A night we will remember for a long time. 


The next morning we jumped on a early bus to Hakuba. 

Along the way we stopped to stretch our legs to see some monkeys....

TO be continued....